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East Market- Test
September 26, 2022
-March 19, 2023
East Market: 1100 Ludlow St.
Exhibition Artsy Shop
Benjamin Weaver
Denise Philipbar
These works employ both stark geometric lines— like those of the downtown skylines— and the undulation from human perspective.
Philipbar credits her study of physics and math as the experience that jump started her ability to see the world through an abstract lens. When painting, she uses non-regular geometries and the interplay of colors, shapes and lines to warp those geometries into works that elicit movement and emotion.
For Weaver, the geometry itself is also secondary to the movement, relationships, and the group as a whole. He hopes that when the viewer will start to engage with how the forms are arranged and how they could possibly be rearranged, and that they will open up to the possibility of  shared perspectives.

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Image: Benjamin Weaver, Cubes Divided Equally into 3 #25

East Market and InLiquid are both dedicated to a meaningful partnership and a shared mission to support local artists in the region and to deliver rich visual content to help foster a vibrant creative community. East Market is a dynamic mixed-used project blending urban, artisanal shopping and dining experiences with contemporary work and living spaces. InLiquid, in partnership with East Market, will curate the lobby and 6th floor of the 1100 Ludlow office building featuring a rotating exhibition of original artwork made by local artists of Philadelphia. 1000 Ludlow has emerged as a design-hub in Philadelphia and hosts the offices of the National Real Estate Advisors, The Design Center, and the offices of renowned architectural firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Exhibitions in this exciting space will be transformed bi-annually. East Market is open to the public by appointment. Please email Programming Director Clare Finin to make an appointment.

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