Women hold it all together | 2021, mixed media on wood, 48" x 48"
Push Power | 2017, mixed media on canvas, 40" x 30"
What do you need to grow | 2021, acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36"
Push Through Queen | 2017, mixed media on canvas and concrete, 44" x 40"
Promise | 2019, mixed media on canvas, 40" x 30"
Good | 2019, oil on canvas, 40" x 30"
Press | 2019, mixed media on canvas, 40" x 30"
Planted | 2019, mixed media on canvas, 42" x 30"
Push Back | 2020, mixed media on canvas, 36" x 24"
Flourishing | 2019, mixed media on canvas, 40" x 30"
 And they jumped into the streets, some | 2016, mixed media on canvas, 72" x 60"
Above the Block | 2016, mixed media on canvas, 72" x 56"
Flawless | 2014, mixed media on canvas, 54" x 56"
Genesis II | 2015, mixed media on canvas 54" x 54"
Denim | 2014, acrylic on denim, 60" x 60"
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Member Portfolio

Serena Saunders (MsPassionArt)

Philadelphia, PA


Artist Biography

Serena Saunders is a Philadelphia based Artist. Though her concentration is in portraiture, she also has meaningful work in the fields of sculpture and writing. Her work as a painter has a fresh, color-strong perspective that speaks to our human condition, most notable the condition of our society's youth, women, and communities. Her often large-scale, graphically bold and poetically composed paintings offers the viewer layers of narrative, almost as if the poet and the painter in her are collaborating to tell the story. With a color palette that gives her intricate prints a world of their own, Serena works to intrigue the imagination while not only documenting the truth but to also speaking to what’s possible. These environments are then used as a backdrop to the portraits and their stories, often time the story pours from the canvas into our physical space, further pushing the artist’s point - that the person(s) she is painting is deserving of our attention.
Pulling from her fashion design background, Serena is also known for wardrobing her muses with clothing she designed to support the story being shared. You will often find a matter of injustice juxtaposed with hope fighting its way through the line work to prevail at the surface. Serena cultivates intimate relationships with the muses of her personal body of work, those connections along with her Spiritual studies fuels the direction of her paintings. It is clear that her work is influenced by her compassion towards what it means to be born into struggle and her cultures ability to find the beauty in it. This admiration for the youth and community was nurtured during the decade Serena spent teaching art and poetry at more than a dozen schools and non-profit organizations throughout Philadelphia and neighboring states.
Serena has shown in spaces such as Galleries and International Fairs, most recently, Scope Miami as part of Art Basel, as well as local shops and cafe’s. You can also find on the sidewalk corners of her neighborhoods where she’s hosted free art classes and programming to the communities in which she lives and works. Serena Saunders was bestowed the honor of serving as the Creative Ambassador for the City of Philadelphia, and seeks to contribute to what art is in her hometown for women of color. What the artist prides the most are the beautiful and authentic relationships she has formed with her muses over the years and the freedom she’s allowed to paint their stories. The documentation of her work can be seen on-line at HYPERLINK "http://www.mspassionart.com" www.mspassionart.com, or an appointment can be made to visit her home studio located in Philadelphia, PA


Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA
Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Awards & Honors

Philadelphia's Artisan of the Year, TGIF
Creative Ambassador of Philadelphia, City of Philadelphia


Interviews & Publications
Red Door Magazine, cover and feature
Black Enterprise
Rolling Out Magazine
Philadelphia Tribune

Professional Experience

2019 - Present
Mural Arts Guild Program, Philadelphia, PA
Teaching Artist/Facilitator
Washington State College, Pullman, WA
Guest Lecturer, Art and Social Justice
2006 - 2012
The Village of Arts and Humanities, Philadelphia, PA
Teaching Artist/Program Manager
2010 - 2011
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Guest Teaching Artist
2009 - 2011
Art Well, Philadelphia, PA
Teaching Artist
Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA
Resident Teaching Artist
2009 - 2010
Mural Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Teaching Artist
Spiral Q Puppet Theater, Philadelphia, PA
Project Lead


Eat the Dirt, Urban Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
The Love Show, Philadelphia, PA
The Reveal, Lassiter Studios, Philadelphia, PA
Me and My Girls, PassionArt Designs, Philadelphia, PA
Day from a Dream, Philadelphia, PA

Freedom, National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, PA
Powerful Profiles, MultiCultural Heritage Centre, Stony Plain, Canada
DopexComplex, Blank Canvas Project, Miami, FL
Avant Garde, Indigo Blue, Philadelphia, PA
Donkeys Around Town, outdoor installation, Philadelphia, PA
Curated by the Committee for the Democratic National Convention and Mural Arts Program
Pearl Street Passage, outdoor installation, Philadelphia, PA
Curated by DesignPhiladelphia
Duck and Recover, The F.U.E.L. Collection Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2017 - Present
No Time to Break
Project involving cars as canvas to create dialogue on the topic of police brutality specifically as it relates to racially charged injustice during traffic stops.
My World
Project partnering with youth from Uganda, along with Haven Youth Center to raise awareness and funds in the area of HIV/AIDS education and therapy.
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