"A Bed Made with Cotton", 2020, oil on canvas, 36" x 54"
"·Afro Blue", 2022, Acrylic, rhinestone on canvas, 36 x 36
"Are you listening?", 2021, oil on canvas, 35" x 34"
"Before I Wake, I Dream", 2020, oil on canvas, 39" x 27"
"Garlic, butter, old bay", 2021, oil, fabric on wood, 12" x 12"
"Constantly attracted to the light", 2021, oil on canvas, 35" x 36"
"Desire to be", 2021, oil on canvas, 40" x 46"
"Hot water and Lavender", 2022, Oil, Acrylic, rhinestone on canvas, 32" x 59"
"I saved a place for you", 2021, oil acrylic, rhinestone on wood, no dimensions listed
"Ina bed-Transformation points", 2022, oil, acrylic, rhinestone on canvas, 34" x 53"
"Manifestation" 2022, Acrylic, Rhinestone on canvas, 44" x 59"
"Outside in the sun. Brown skin and mimosas are cold" 2022, oil, acrylic, and rhinestone on canvas, 32" x 52"
"Taste". 2021, oil, acrylic, rhinestone on canvas, 10" x 10"
"You smell good 2022 (tryptic)" 2022, oil, acrylic, cowrie shells, wood fence on wood, 12 x 12 / 8 x 12
"To be held", 2020, oil on canvas, 33" x39"
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Member Portfolio

Dara Haskins

Philadelphia, PA


Artist Statement

My work originates from the history that surrounds the image and lifestyles of the black female/male figure. An important part of my painting process lies between connecting historical content to contemporary spaces, and how that relationship coexists. I explore its connection through the beauty of the body navigating domestic living, objects, and overgrown lush environments produced traditionally with oil and mixed media making. My work tells a story that has presence, mystery, and relationship of color euphoria altogether. I challenge the memory of my work by manipulating transparency in the movement within the figure or objects as being seen or not seen that reflect and question identity. Currently, movement and memory have been a large inspiration for my figurative and portrait paintings. I'm inspired to create pieces that reflect daily how the body changes and adapts within elements of pleasure, growth, and bliss.


Dara Haskins (b.1992 Baltimore, MD) Has rooted her practice in Philadelphia working primarily in painting oil portraits and figurative oil and mixed media paintings. Addressing the ways the black body has been represented and looked at throughout history, she challenges the identity of being seen and unseen connecting historical content to contemporary spaces and how that relationship coexists. She is currently working on a series called “Havana time” expressively from her own photographs of people she spent time within Cuba.-Her large to small-scale paintings of objects, people, and places connect daily in domestic environments within the African diaspora. She is also working on a series called “ quraintin paintings” that reflects on dealing with isolation, time, and opportunity during the pandemic of COVID 19. Haskins received her BFA at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2019. The J Henry Scheidt Memorial Travel Scholarship to Cuba in (2019). Recently Winning the Mural art fellowship for black artist 2021. Exhibiting solo exhibition at Rush Arts Philadelphia called; Navigating space) She currently lives and works in Philadelphia.


BFA, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Other Education
Anne Arundel County Community College

Awards & Honors

Mural arts Philadelphia - Fellowship for black artist
The J Henry Scheidt Memorial Travel Scholarship - Cuba
Jimmy C. Lueders Painting Prize
Edna Penny Packer Stauffer prize
Franklin C. Watkins Memorial Grant
Violette De Mazia Memorial Scholarship
Franklin C. Watkins Memorial Grant-Spring Prize Winner for talented painters
Michael G Capuzzi, jr Memorial Endowment Grant Spring Prize Winner for motivated painters
Mary Graham Scholarship- Philadelphia Academy of fine arts
Anne Arundel County grant for exceptional students


20 BLACK ARTISTS TO WATCH - https://thephiladelphiacitizen.org/black-artists-philadelphia/
Mural arts Philadelphia - fellowship for black- artist
Philadelphia contemporary - Friday fave 5/6/21
Yale radio 5/5/21 interviewer-Brainard Carey https://museumofnonvisibleart.com/interviews/
Art blog Philadelphia - Sanctuary
Vox Populi
Tribes Magazine Black lives Matters issue
Google Arts and Culture Hudson Guild Gallery -Transgressions Exhibition, New York, NY
Mari Elaine Lamp –“When art meets the world: In conversation with Student Dara Haskins” Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Publications blog
Marie Elaine Lamp- "Finding her place at a historic academy" Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Publications Blog


Linda Lee Alter
Danny Simmons
Mary Graham and Susan Campbell
Jim and Jennifer Nixon
Bill Hudgins
Rush arts Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Woodmere Museum of Art

‍Solo Exhibitions

Navigating space - Rush Arts PhiladelphiaColored girls musem - installation exhibition one room school house

Group Exhibitions

GAA Gallery Inaugural exhibition -Cologne, Germany
Colored girls museum - one-room schoolhouse installation- Havana time
Fellowship Exhibition, Rush arts/mural arts
Sanctuary - An queer exploration of safe havens- Da Vinci Art Alliance
Reasonable nomenclature of invisibility - Paristexasla Virtual Exhibition
Sand between my teeth - TSA PDF Virtual exhibition
Upper Darby Gallery PA
Fisher Brookes Gallery PA
Hudson Guild Gallery Chelsea, NY
Annenberg Gallery - ( Cross Currents) PAFA
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Gallery – Warming exhibition
Barbara Crawford Gallery -Warming Exhibition
Gallery 128 - Philadelphia Academy Fine Arts
Moore College of art - Unity Exhibition Philadelphia, PA
Gallery 128- Philadelphia Academy Fine Arts
Women's invitational exhibition - Pascal Gallery - (Art of women) Arnold MD
AACC student exhibition - CADE Gallery Arnold MD
Creative Alliance – Mural Arts – Baltimore MD
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